It's no secret that housing prices have been absolutely skyrocketing. Many people have been stressed out as they try to find homes that will work for both their lifestyles and pocketbooks.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire has always been a popular spot where people flock to live, whether it's for the historic charm, arts and culture scene, or simply its Seacoast location.

So, it's understandable that living there costs a pretty penny. According to, the median home cost in Portsmouth is a whopping $564k.

Enter the Ruth Lewin Griffin Place, or "Ruth's Place."

Named after Portsmouth Housing Authority Board Commissioner Ruth Lewin Griffin, Ruth's Place has income-adjusted rent prices aimed at helping those who've been commuting long distances to work due to lack of housing affordability.

The new apartments are set to open this summer right in the heart of Portsmouth, allowing people to live in the same city where they work.

Here's a video explaining more about the mission of the Ruth Lewin Griffin Place.

The founders of Ruth's Place believe that many who work in Portsmouth have made special and valuable contributions to the community, and deserve something in return: comfortable and affordable housing just a quick walk from downtown.

The virtual design concept shows what the finished product will look like. Doesn't this place look nice?

Here's an inside look at what some of the floor plans look like. First, there's this one-bedroom apartment (approx. 535 sqft and starting at $950/mo)...

...followed by this two-bedroom (approx. 660 sqft and starting at $1,200/mo).

The complex will even have a rooftop deck.

Even though the grand opening of the Ruth Lewin Griffin Place is several months away, the application portal is now open. Applicants must meet the following annual gross income qualifications to be eligible:

  • Household of 4:  $30,000-$74,620
  • Household of 3:  $30,000-$67,200
  • Household of 2:  $30,000- $59,710
  • Household of 1:  $30,000- $52,290

For other FAQs, click here. Or, for more information about Ruth's Place, check out their website.

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