On the one hand, this is some huge belief in your team. On the other hand, this was not the smartest bet to make at all, regardless of how big it would've paid out.

Julian Edelman bet $100K on a Pats/Bucs Super Bowl

If there's any solace for Edelman completely whiffing his Super Bowl bet, it's that technically, the money that he lost wasn't his. In a way, it was, but it's not like he dipped into his savings account, withdrew $100,000, and made a bet. According to a Tweet he posted last Tuesday, WynnBET, who describes itself as "legal online sports betting and casino," gave Jules $100,000. Just straight up said, "Here kiddo, have $100K and have fun."

Edelman took that $100K and attempted to turn it into over a half-million dollars by putting it down on a Super Bowl that would consist of the New England Patriots playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then told his business partner...

...and also his parents.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that wasn't the greatest way to spend his gifted $100K.

The Bills completely humiliated the Pats on Saturday

It's a shame that we didn't have a hidden camera in Edelman's home while he was watching the Pats/Bills wild card game on Saturday night -- which can barely be called a game since the Pats forgot to show up and play. The Pats got shelled, losing by 30 points after two 4th quarter Bills' touchdowns, including quite possibly the thickest six ever scored.

Which no doubt left Jules looking as depressed as Mac did during the first quarter. Or did it? Because after losing his $100K, Edelman posted an edited video from an episode of The Office that involves going all in on a poker bet and losing everything in one hand.

At least he was in somewhat good spirits about losing all that money. Maybe part of it was because it was a gift. Maybe the other part of it was the fact that he has plenty of money, so $100,000 to him is probably more like $5-$10 to us.

But, that said, if WynnBET is still handing out random $100,000 gifts...

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