News broke over the holiday weekend of a not-so-secret reality show filming in Portland in 2017. The creators need local hosts for the show, could it be you?

A lot of us have dreamed of being big television stars. Some of us have even dreamed of being big internet starts, so how about a little mix of both. A new reality TV show based on the spectacular food and drink scene here in Portland is set to begin filming early in 2017. The creators behind the project want to make sure they have the right hosts, people who eat, sleep, breathe and LIVE in the Portland area.

According to, the creators of the ambitious show hope to find two local hosts, a female and male, that are hip to the Portland "scene" that includes trendy restaurants, bar and coffee shop hotspots and anything else that speaks to Portland's expanding culture.

There are requirements for the hosts, including being 21 years of age, being timely and reliable and naturally being relatable, unique and good on camera. A full list of the requirements they are hoping to fill as well as a chance to send in your "audition" can be found right here.

So is that you? Is this your big break? Will people from across the State of Maine and potentially nationwide be catching you showing off all the goodness Portland has to offer? Hollywood is calling...kind of.