Many of Portland's award-winning restaurants are always pushing the limits of their cuisine to draw people in day after day, month after month and year after year. But pushing the limits of what we're all "used to" isn't just for restaurants here in Portland, apparently it's for ice cream shops as well. Because for one day only, Lib's Dairy Treats on Auburn Street will be offering up pickle flavored soft serve. And they suggest you swirl it with their delicious peanut butter soft serve.

While it may sound like a foolish flavor idea, in some parts of the country, pickle and peanut butter sandwiches are an everyday thing. The acid of the pickles pairs well with the creamy richness of the peanut butter. So how will it translate when both items are turned into soft serve ice cream? Well, you kind of have to try to know!

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And if pickle just 100% isn't your thing, Lib's is promising to continue to push your flavor palette with another limited edition small batch as they plan to introduce a maple bacon flavor. Seems like a perfect fit for the final weeks our Canadian friends visit Portland en masse, but also for those of us who have a special little place for maple.

Lib's Dairy Treats plan to serve their pickle flavored ice cream on Tuesday, August 13th.

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