My grandparents bought a house on Cape Cod since in the 80's. My parents retired and now live there full time which is pretty awesome! At least once a Summer we take the Island Queen ferry over to Martha's Vineyard for the day. We have our rituals that we do every single time because tradition runs DEEP in the Lew family. Right when we get off the ferry we visit Jamaica's own Donovan and he whips us up a Dirty Banana! (aka a mudslide with banana)

Kira Lew via Facebook

Then we grab lunch at Nancy's! After lunch we walk around the historic "gingerbread cottages". Ever since I was a little girl, I had my eye on one house in particular. I affectionately called it, The Pink House. I said to myself, "Kira when you grow up you are going to live in this house." 9-year-old Kira didn't consider the lack of job opportunities on the vineyard or property taxes. Who needs grown up problems clouding up your little kid dreams?!

I was shocked to see on that my childhood dream house on Martha's Vineyard has finally hit the market.


This life sized doll house could be mine for the reasonable price of $635,000. The article states it has two-bedrooms and one bath and officially sleeps six. To live here you MUST be a good neighbor because the houses are so close together. They actually have something in place called the "good-neighbor policy". It's not enough to keep your lawn clean and not throw parties. To be a resident of this historic neighborhood you must warmly interact with your neighbors or else they will throw you in the ocean. (I made up that last part)

Was there a house that you fantasize living in as a kid? Where was it?

Cape Elizabeth Home With Lighthouse Neighbor