Every animal has a story, but there are some stories that you simply can't believe are true. That is the case of a dog that officially up for adoption from Mainley Mutts Animal Rescue. In a post on Facebook, Mainley Mutts shares the heartbreaking story of Norma, a pup that probably shouldn't survived but did after she was abandoned along the side of the road.

For two weeks, a pregnant Norma laid in a ditch roadside in a southern state until a rescue group was alerted to her being there. Norma was incredibly emaciated and gave birth to 12 puppies almost immediately after she received care. Unfortunately, because of the horrific circumstances, only 5 of those puppies managed to survive. To add  even more obstacles to this case, Norma was stricken with heart worms and because of her weakened state, couldn't produce milk for her puppies. But not all was lost.

Those 5 puppies were cared for by a rescue group in the south. When they had grown and were strong enough, they were sent to New England where all 5 puppies found their loving forever homes. What about mom?

As we approach the season of giving, Norma is hoping for a Christmas miracle. After overcoming almost certain death and bringing 5 little pups into the world, Norma is now hoping that someone will think she is worth of a forever home. Mainely Mutts lays out the details for potential adopters of Norma, including a must that you be a Maine or New Hampshire resident.

A story of survival and perseverance still has another chapter left to write. Can you help make it a happy ending for Norma?

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