What has happened to my Dad? Is retirement mushing his brain?

After work yesterday, I decided to drop by and visit the 'rents. Both my parents have been hard working, self employed, Maine people.  You can imagine how shocking it is to walk in the house and see your dad parked on the Lazy Boy, remote in hand, fast asleep. He didn't even budge when I walked in. In fact, he didn't even know I was there! Hence, I was able to snap this shot of him. Don't tell!

How does this happen? Since retirement, my Dad's life now consists of watching the stock numbers fly by at the bottom of the business channel, eating breakfast in his robe, lunch in his sweats and a fresh pair of PJs at dinner time. Every meal in his chair. I even saw crumbs on his lap And inside the remote balancing on his knee.

He seems perfectly content  watching old war movies and patting a cat purring on his lap. By the way, I was horrified to hear him talking baby talk to that cat.

All of this made me chuckle as I walked out the door to head home. Until I looked closer at his picture while I sitting parked in their driveway. It looks just like how my Grandfather looked when I was a little girl. I started wondering how much time I have left with him. Is this how he felt the first time he saw his dad like this? How many times will I be able to walk in that door and see him watching a crazy old movie or patting the cat?

Instead of taking off to my busy life, I walked back inside and up to his chair. I put my arms around his shoulders, gently awaking him. He was hardly startled, reaching for me and holding me tight as i sat on his lap. I'm so glad I walked back in, I will remember that embrace and moment forever.