Can you imagine going to chorus class at school and being told you'll be performing a sold out show with the band Foreigner?!! That's exactly what happened to some students, right here in Maine!!

About 26 members of the chorus at Deering HS in Portland will be joining the group Foreigner, on stage for their sold out show at The State Theater.

Foreigner has been picking a high school group to sing with them for most of their shows for the past six or seven years. Its a way to promote and raise money for music education. A $500 donation will be made from Foreigner to the chorus. Members of the chorus have been selling Foreigner CDs, with money raised from sales going to the Grammy Foundation, which helps promote music education in schools. Pretty slick way to involve local communities on tour and encourage the importance of music education.

There will be no practice time with the band so students have been rehearsing to the video.

It's funny, most of these students weren't even ALIVE when the song "I Wanna Know What Love Is" came out n 1984, but they will be singing to it in front of a sold out crowd Tuesday the 18th!