Everyone knows that couple who's been together forever and still seems incredibly in love. How does that happen?

In the beginning, everyone seems to be gaga and love sick but slowly that pie of love perfection seems to get sliced away over years of resentment and boredom. Have you ever wondered how some couples never seem to lose it?

Want To Know the #1 Thing Happy Couples Have in Common?


Experts say that the happiest couples are the ones that praise each other in front of others. They recommend replacing the nagging with praise and you'll watch your relationship change significantly.

Here's how...

Of course you're going to have things that irritate you about your significant other but the next time they do something that you like, experts say to make a HUGE deal about it. Tell them how happy they made you. Not only will human nature kick in and they will want to do more to make you happy in the future but it increases their feelings of adoration for you. Couples who are the happiest take it a step further, they say it in front of friends. For example "John was wonderful this morning, he started my car and had it warmed up for my ride into work.

This trick may DO the trick in making your bond stronger. And who knows, maybe that early in love feeling will come rushing back in.