The HOM signal is so strong sometimes we forget how strong it really is. We can be heard loud and clear in New Hampshire, Maine, parts of Massachusetts, parts of Canada and Vermont. We seem to overlook Vermont when we say things like "Maine and New Hampshire's at work station." Vermont, I dont want to hurt your feelings. I want you you to feel the love and know that your listenership is not going unoticed. I thought this would be a good time to thank the state of Vermont for all that you've given us.

1) Cabot Cheese

Cabot's headquarters are located in the capital of Vermont, Montpelier. And if you don't know by now that I am a cheese-a-holic, then you don't know me at all. Thank you Cabot from the bottom of my heart for all the Vermont Cheddar goodness you produce each day.

2) Burton Snowboards

I myself am not a Winter sports enthusiast but it is such an important part of our culture here in New England. Burton, located in Burlington Vermont has played a key role in getting us amped up for skiing/snowboarding season year after year.

3) Magic Hat

The Magic Hat brewery is by far one of the best breweries I have ever visited. I love the whole concept in which that brewery was founded. Plus the little messages under each bottle cap either make me giggle, ponder life or leave me very confused.

4) Ben & Jerry's Icecream

Anyone with functional taste buds can tell you the Ben & Jerry's ice cream rivals any other ice cream producer out there. Their generous chunks of cookie dough in their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream are what dreams are made of.

5) Benito's Hot Sauce

Benitos is also located in Vermont's capital, Montpelier. If you love quality hot sauce that is tangy, flavorful and fiery, Benito's is the sauce for you. Also it is completely organic and GMO free.

6) Woodchuck Hard Cider

Woodchuck's headquarters are in Middlebury Vermont. If you've never tried a Woodchuck they are crisp, delicious and taste just like Autumn.

7) Vermont Maple Syrup

Once you have had real Vermont maple syrup and all of its glory, it's almost hard to go back to the artificial stuff. No offense, Aunt Jemima.

Thank you Vermont for all that you have given us. And thank you for listening to HOM. We appreciate YOU!