This staircase was long ago part of Madame Sherri's castle and has eroded over time. The woods that these stairs can be found in are called Madame Sherri Forest.

According to, Madame Sheri was from Chesterville New Hampshire and had a reputation of being quite scandalous.

She accumulated quite the fortune from her successful costume designs throughout the 20's. With her riches she decided to purchase 600 acres of land in Chesterville and that was when her true legacy started as the owner of the castle in the woods. Rumor has it her parties were the best. I'm sad I wasn't alive yet to partake in them.

Eventually Madame Sherri realized she couldn't keep up with her lavish lifestyle and she decided to abandon her castle in the woods. In 1962 the castle was ruined by a fire and the only part that remained was the grand stone stairway that has been deemed, "The Stairway To Heaven".

To this day people visit Madame Sherri Forest and report hearing voices and music from parties long ago. How creepy and cool at the same time!!

Have you visited Madame Sherri Forest? What was your experience?