Now that we are in full holiday mode here on 94.9 HOM, let's talk holiday savings and planning.I am no means a penny pincher, but, it's always good to save when you can, especially when you will be shopping til' ya drop. I'm also a planner (drives the wife crazy), so I try to look ahead as much as I can. recently released their Official Unofficial Holiday Savings and Secrets Calendar. I posted a couple tips to start below. Read more here.

  • November 20th is Clean Your Refrigerator Day. It’s a dreaded task, but how else can you make room for all of your favorites on Thanksgiving Day? Clean the freezer while you’re at it to ensure you have space for leftovers.
  • November 22nd is National Coupon Code Day. It’s the last Friday before Thanksgiving and now is the time to prepare for the holiday rush, because it’s about to hit. Today’s the day to gather coupon codes for your holiday shopping, so check online and your mobile apps to find discounts for the big shopping days ahead. You can find codes for all kinds of gifts, as well as restaurants, so after a long day of shopping and saving money, you can get a discount on your lunch or dinner too.