So yesterday I asked the interwebs what the deal was with the uproar over Starbucks new red cups, and I got some amazing answers.

They ranged from hilariously sarcastic to truly thought provoking. My friend Bill wrote, "That time when they worry about the Starbucks cup inside but not the homeless cold people outside...."

Then my friend Heather nailed the hilarious factor with this photo, (and yes, the purple cup has cats on it):

Then I realized that all this fuss about the cup not having "Christmas" represented on it is moot, because they've actually provided us with the most fun way to drink our coffee AND celebrate the Holidays however we choose!

This plain red cup is the PERFECT canvas to put whatever you want on your cup! It's like arts and crafts when we were kids. Just pick up a white (or silver) Sharpie marker and put whatever makes you feel the Christmas spirit on your cup! Problem solved.

If you want snowflakes on your cup? Put a snowflake on it. If you want to put Christmas trees on it, you can! Want to put baby Jesus on your cup? Go for it. In all actuality, Starbucks has given us the best gift possible. The freedom of expression and the chance to feel like a kid again.

So stop fussing about your cup ok? No seriously - Stop it.  if you're choosing to rally around a cup instead of the millions of homeless, hungry people this winter then I think you may want to rethink your priorities.