The new Tom Brady Ugg Boots commercial take a peak of life off the field for our Tommy Boy.

This certainly doesn't help us win games. It' actually backs up a some of the "Curse of Giselle" theories but I'm OK with it and I'm sure most women are.

The new commercial shows Brady on a beach (Beverly MA) enjoying a quiet game of catch with his dog, Lua. Yes ladies, Tom Brady enjoys a quiet stroll on the beach.

“This is what it all comes down to. What all the hard work is for. The long days, the extra hours. All for moments like these,” Brady says in the ad. “It may not be the big moment, the grand entrance and the bright lights on the big stage. But it’s moments like these that make those that much more important.

It's definitely not helping when I argue with my out of region pals. Actually I take quite a beating when they see stuff like this. But dam, don't they look comfy!