Walter White "action figure  comes with tiny bag of crystal meth, as ‘shocked and appalled’ Florida woman starts petition to get them removed from shelves.

Kids? How bout me? I would definitely put these on my desk. Yes, I would play with them and YES they are dolls!

The Walter White figurine comes packaged with a duffle bag filled with presumably pre-laundered non-sequential banknotes and a tiny bag of (fake) crystal meth, while the Jesse Pinkman figure sports a gas mask, teaching children an important lesson about the dangers of inhaling the noxious byproducts of the methamphetamine production process.

Wait for it!

A woman from Florida, has discovered that US branches of Toy R Us are stocking a highly desirable range of Breaking Bad action figures.




“I was very shocked and appalled,” the woman told the Today show. “I just think they need to look at their vision and values, as they call them.” Schrivjer started a petition urging the toy giant to remove the figures from its shelves, which received 1,000 signatures within a week.


Toys R Us have issued a statement, arguing that “the items are intended for ages 15 and up” and “are located in the adult action figure area of our stores”, which apparently exists


Walter Whites response: