Went home to Boston for a long weekend with the family. What could go wrong?

My fiance Honey and I went back to Boston this past weekend for my niece Samatha's First Holy Communion. My mom and dad came up from Florida where they live now for the event. It's kinda like the Superbowl for Catholic kids. Check out the cake made by sister Tracey and niece Danielle from Wicked Good Cupcakes:


Teddy McKay

Only in Boston would a letter carrier stop and give a kid a $5 bill for their Communion. He probably just clipped it outta the mail but still a nice gesture.


and then end up at the party. Best $5 he's ever spent.


Teddy McKay

So, Honey and I thought we'd take in a Sox game on Sunday.

 Ran into Sarah Silverman-

Got there for batting practice.


and then before the first pitch:


Teddy McKay


Honey took an awful spill on the cement stairs heading to our seats. She was wearing flip flops and one of the flips gave out. I was in front of her so I didn't see it but I definitely heard and felt it. I felt so bad cause her first reaction was to say "I'm sorry". She knew it was bad. It's amazing that our first instinct is embarrassment when something like this happens. She thought she broke both ankles. She was nauseous and sweating profusely. Another fan noticed we me needed medical attention and grabbed the EMTs. They put Honey in a seat strapped her in and brought her down to the lower concourse where they loaded her onto a stretcher. Then she was transferred to the ER of Fenway located on the first base side. The attention by the medical staff from Beth Israel Hospital (on location) was absolutely phenomenal. I REALLY can not say enough. They wrapped Honeys ankles up and evaluated them for about an hour. I went and got the car and was able to pick her up right on Van Ness St. For those who know the area this was nothing less than an act of God at game time. We had some good laughs on the way home because just before she fell we had one of those $25 Fenway lunches which consisted of 2 chicken tenders, hot dog and 2 drinks. Like a good Bostonian I pissed and moaned about how The Red Sox continue to gouge us fans. Well, they certainly didn't skimp on their medical services. And for that I will never forget.

Monday I took Honey to get X-Rays and nothing was broken. They gave her an air cast, cructhes and off you go. Great news-

Have you ever been in a situation like this?




If you're ever having a bad day just think, you probably don't have to wear a sausage on your head-