I found some treasure while walking yesterday! If you love a nice long walk, bike or run here in Maine, maybe you didn't know about this either. If you have any more cool places to share, leave a comment below! 

My girlfriends and I love to meet after a long day at work and relax with a nice long walk. It first started in our neighborhood. We started switching off to get a change of scenery. Then we moved on to the classic "Baxter Blvd." and eventually progressed to "The Eastern Trail" where we would start in Scarborough walking across the marsh toward Old Orchard Beach. This route would quickly become our favorite. With a babbling brook, fresh cut rolling greens from a nearby golf course topped with beautiful Canadian Geese, bending trees that sway in the light ocean breeze making the light dance on the path before us and a gorgeous zen-like sunset to gaze at while you walk, run or bike. It almost makes you forget you're exercising. Here's a picture from the other night...


The Eastern Trail spans 65 miles connecting Kittery to Casco Bay in South Portland. There are numerous trails so you never get the same path, it just all depends on where you start and where you want to finish.


We have been walking the "Eastern Trail" for a long time but yesterday we stumbled on something different. I had a late appointment on Ocean Street in South Portland and decided to meet my friends there before our walk. Heading to our cars we noticed a nice path next to Deering Pond and decided to try it out. It turned out to be quite a pleasant  little adventure. It turns out, it's "The Greenbelt." The Fore River separates South Portland from the city of Portland. The Greenbelt was once a rail line supply route used during WWII. In the '80s they made it into a beautiful footpath since then reaching into Scarborough providing almost 6 miles of off-road tailing.


We walked all the way to Bug Light Park. It was beautiful and just enough off the beaten path to avoid city sounds.


Okay, so i've lived in Maine my whole life and never knew about this hidden treasure that has been around since the '80's? Damn it! If you know of any other great paths, I would love to hear about them! Please comment below...