AJ & I had a remote broadcast this morning at Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor Maine. We both were overwhelmed by how much we loved this charming little town and how much fun we had.

It all started last night when we loaded up our trusty HOM mobile and headed north to the Boothbay region. The first thing we did was hopped on a boat headed to Cabbage Island.

Once we arrived we had big ole clam bake. AJ had chicken and they made him wear a name tag that said "AJ Chicken". If the shoe fits, right!? haha I did pretty well with my lobster. I was proud I was able to dismantle the thing without injury and I only squirted lobster juice on my neighbor once. Lobster eating can be a contact sport.

We then headed back to town to consume a few libations at the local watering hole, McSeagull's. The bar tender tended to our needs and we got sufficiently silly.

We then woke up WAY too early for our live broadcast right from the docks of Whale Park. Tons of Windjammer Day's action was going down.

We had a lot of great interviews with key players in the Boothbay community. We spoke with award winning chef Steven Richards, Executive Director of  Boothbay's Chamber of Commerce Rick Prose and one of the sponsors of last night's clambake, Cheryl Nelson. Oh and how could I forget, we got a real live pirate on the mic! His name was Captain Crudbeard.

And here I am bonding with another pirate. ARRRRRRRRRRR!

It was all fun and games until it started to downpour on our live broadcast. Thankfully it was towards the end of our show so we just packed it up and callled it a day. Thank you to all who participated in the HOM morning show live from Windjammer Days. We had a blast. I will be visiting Boothbay Harbor again real soon. I have been missing out!