Guess who was sitting in my driveway when I got home late last night?

What a great night last night. I went to an Oscar party, had a great dinner with amazing company and very late began my ride home. I had my little Chihuahua, Paco with me on a ride we make every day.

As I drove into my driveway, I noticed a ball of snow directly in front of my garage door. It looked, from a distance like a snowball made from dirty snow. As I emerged from the car I noticed this snowball was moving. As I got closer, I noticed that this little guy is an owl! I have never seen an owl up close, let alone in my own driveway. Neither had Paco! The fur was standing on his back as he growled at the owl who he is not much bigger than.

I started talking human baby talk to the owl, which he apparently did not understand or enjoy because he flew away. As he flew over my head, I could see an amazingly long wingspan on this tiny creature.

I was just a very cool experience you don't have everyday.