Bruce Springsteen opens show in New Zealand w/ 2 time Grammy winner and home country hero Lorde's smash "Royals"


There's a reason they call him "The Boss"

Bruce Springsteen has been known to pay tribute to artists when playing in their home country. For example, once in London he opened a show w/ The Clash's "London Calling". He just left Austrialia where he opened shows w/ AC/DCs "Highway to Hell" and the Bee Gees " Stayin Alive". Wicked cool if you ask me.


This time it's a 17 year old 2 time recent Grammy winner Lorde. No offense but she's not exactly in the same conversation as The Clash, Bee Gees and AC/DC.

That doesn't matter to Springsteen, who in my opinion is the greatest live act in music history. Good music is good music. "Royals" is brilliant and creative song. He wasn't to busy looking in the mirror to recognize that.

Bruce followed Royals up w/ some of the greatest rock n' rolls songs in history. I'm not being dramatic. Here's the setlist: Bruce Springsteen in New Zealand March 2:

Go see a Springsteen show! Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band: