Ok so I know I've said again and again that I just don't understand this Pumpkin Spice hype. Then I saw this...

Someone has actually figured out how to deep fry a pumpkin spice latte. Which at first created quite a bit of confusion for me... I mean, how do you deep fry something that's a liquid like coffee?

I was starting to consider how little I remember from chemistry when I read on to discover that they didn't actually deep fry a cup of coffee. But what they did do sounds... well delicious.

They cut a pound cake up into cubes, soaked the cubes in coffee and then tossed thime into a deep fryer. I'm not gonna lie, this sounds amazing. I mean, they basically had me a "pound cake".


So if you're looking for a new fall recipe to try and your one of the millions obsessed with the "Pumpkin Spice Revolution" consider adding this gem. And if you make it, please send me pictures!