You all know I adore AJ and am SO glad that he and I get to be partners in crime on the HOM morning show. But I have to admit, I was totally shocked to learn he'd never seen this movie!!

The Princess Bride is one of those classics movies that shaped my childhood and I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I watched it.

Here's a classic clip from the movie!

SO many of the quotes and memes that float around come from this movie so when I dropped a funny quote on the air and he didn't get it, I knew something was up.

Turns out he "tried to watch it" but thinks he fell asleep.... HOW CAN YOU FALL ASLEEP DURING THE BEST MOVIE EVER?!?

Here's another clip proving once again how great this movie is!


So I've decided to start a petition to get AJ to watch this movie and I need your help!

Sign your name below and let's get AJ educated in the awesomeness that is The Princess Bride.