Maine's got a hot new product she's churning out, and if you guessed 'Lobster' you would be close, but you'd be wrong. 

According to CBS News, the latest product in demand from our beautiful coastal state is seaweed. Apparently seaweed is considered a "sea vegetable" and the world has become more and more obsessed with it.

From chips to soups to beauty products, seaweed has become incredibly popular and that is to Maine's advantage. There's even a seaweed festival!

While many businesses who use seaweed in their products and seaweed harvesters have noticed and increase in sales, other's are concerned about the coastal ecosystem. As the demand grows, harvesting the "wild seaweed" could post a threat to the environment if not handled responsibly.

As for me, I've never really eaten seaweed outside of that California roll I tried once, and while I don't doubt it's nutritional value I think i'll stick to my lays for now.

Ivan Kmit