This was a nice surprise. Look what I found at Logan International Airport in Boston…

(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)
(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)

Otto Pizza from Portland, Maine. The restaurant opened its first slice shop on Congress Street in downtown Portland in 2009. Otto is famous for experimenting with untraditional toppings on its pizzas. “The Masher” with mashed potato, scallion, and bacon is one of the most popular pies. I ordered mashed potato and chicken on my pie, which you can see in the first photo above.

Otto opened two weeks ago in the SouthWest Airlines side of the airport near Dunkin', Tico, and B.Good, which relocated from A to B2. Even though you can't see the line in my picture, it was pretty long at 5:30 in the morning… probably because Otto also serves breakfast (egg) pizza and breakfast sandwiches. But I was hungry for pizza. I love pizza so much that I'll eat it any time of day.

VERDICT: It was the best Otto pizza I've had yet, because it was freshly made and I got the first slice.

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