Finding out that this place existed was literally one of the best things we've heard all week, so much so that yours truly contemplated getting a prickly companion of her own.

Yes, it's true. You can get your own pet hedgehog (or "hedgie" as we like to call them) right here in New Hampshire at Granite State Hedgehogs in Franklin.

And aren't these little guys and gals just adorable?

Before we tell you about this place, you may be scratching your head wondering whether or not you're allowed to keep hedgehogs as pets at all. According to multiple websites including Granite State Hedgehogs, you can indeed legally own one of these little critters in all states except California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and the five boroughs of New York City. Thankfully, none of those places are in New England.

So, let's talk about hedgies. According to their site, Granite State Hedgehogs is a "state and federally licensed professional hedgehog breeding facility" that has been sending baby hedgies off to good homes since 2012. They pride themselves on "raising the healthiest, friendliest hedgehogs around", and have received countless positive reviews from hedgie moms and pops.

Even though hedgehogs tend to be solitary animals, Granite State Hedgehogs explains that they're still fun pets who are easy to care for and aren't aggressive. They can live for 5-10 years, love exploring, and can typically be handled by anyone as long as the hedgehog is well-adjusted. Thankfully, these baby hedgies are hand-raised, socialized daily, and regularly handled, so they should be accustomed to humans.

In addition to offering hedgehogs up for adoption, Granite State Hedgehogs has an assortment of pet supplies and even offers boarding services for your prickly friend should you go out of town. Click here for FAQ's, or visit this link to learn more about hedgehogs and how to care for one.

And of course, you can see the baby hedgies up for adoption here.

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