Cabinetry Concepts Kitchen and Bath Center in Windham is offering quite the package.


You can have a new kitchen AND get marriage counseling?


Driving from Shawnee Peak, this sign not only caught my attention, it made me want to know more! Is this something that comes with a new kitchen or is it something that is needed after a remodeling project?

As covid hit and we all hunkered down inside our own homes for extended periods of time...well, we all wanted to remodel or move! Maybe Cabinetry Concepts has been super busy over the past year and has noticed that having just a portion of your home torn up (we always go for the kitchen and bathroom!) is a pain in the ass.

Maybe having half the house unavailable throws off your schedule just a tiny bit and you may have noticed that you are a little short with your significant other...

'What would you like for dinner, hon?'




If you are still in the process of a remodel, or thinking about it - you might want to mosey on over to Tandberg Trail in Windham. Stop into Cabinetry Concepts and check out their designs and credentials on the marriage counseling.



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