Which sounds better to you: a retirement home or a cruise? Let's see… You get three meals a day that a professional chef cooks plus snacks, nightly entertainment, a pool and sun deck, shore excursions, AND you get to travel around the world. So, why not just book a decade long cruise? I'm sold!

Approximately 24 million people are expected to take cruises this year, according to CBS News. Many of those people are retired.

CBS did an interview with one 88-year-old woman who lives on a cruise ship full-time. Lee Wachtstetter, better known as "Mama Lee," has been living on the Crystal Serenity for eight years. That's longer than most of its crewmembers, according to USA Today. She told travel editor Peter Greenberg she does "what she wants, when she wants, if she wants." Greenberg reports that the retired widow has taken 240 trips around the world and visited hundreds of different ports.

Mama Lee says she lives a fairy-tale existence. That fairy tale costs her about $175 thousand dollars a year.

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