This isn't even close to an exaggeration -- you should 100% play this on a loop either right before, or once you get into bed. This is better than one of those "relaxing noises" CDs they used to sell back in the day, because this can't be duplicated. Because it's OURS.

This past Sunday (November 1), CBS Sunday Morning ran coverage from New Hampshire during their Nature segment, featuring our very own White Mountain National Forest. Now, admittedly, I drive BY it any time I drive up to my Dad's place to see him and my little brother (he lives in Berlin, so I drive through by the Twin Mountains, through Franconia Notch, and by ALL the signs for White Mountain National Forest), but I've never actually STOPPED to check the area out. Actually, of all the years I've lived and grew up in New Hampshire, I've only even been up Mount Washington once, and it was a random last minute decision while I was driving back from visiting my Dad.

Actually, toward the end of summer and beginning of fall, one of my friends mentioned her and a few of her friends were heading up to Flume Gorge for the day, and she said it was the most amazing thing she's ever seen and hates that it took her so long to check it out. Which makes me feel guilty for, again, being a life-long 603'er and never visiting it, but again, driving by it all the time. Actually, it's right around that area that I used to look up all the time since the Old Man of the Mountain was right in that area (and honestly, whenever I drive by that area, I STILL look up and sort of hope that one day it'll magically be back there, even though it hasn't been for about 14 years.)

The point of all this -- this 3-minute video (of NOTHING but the sounds of nature, by the way -- there's no commentary) really struck a cord. I think some of us embrace it, but A LOT of us take this area for granted because it's ALWAYS here. It's always been here for us. It reminds me of when I got to college and friends from all over New England will tell me how they'd plan massive trips to Canobie Lake Park, and I'd be shocked because it was always "Just Canobie" to me since I grew up about 7 minutes down the street from it.

Check out this video -- not just when you go to bed, but any time you need a reminder that we live in one of the best areas in the world, nevermind just the country. There's NOTHING like the sounds of New Hampshire nature. This piece from CBS Sunday Morning just made me appreciate HOME that much more.

Stunning New Hampshire Sunsets

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