Valentine's Day is a slam dunk away, so let's share the love.

The world of sports is not unlike a good movie -- there are good guys and there are villains. Because it's Valentine's Day, let's focus on the good guys. You know, the ones who are beloved by men and women, boys and girls, supporters and rivals.

Which athlete do you love the most? Could it be perennial good guy Peyton Manning or is his longtime nemesis Tom Brady? Or could Aaron Rodgers be the player who captures your heart?

LeBron James certainly has his fans and has gotten back into the public's good graces since returning to the Cavaliers. Kobe Bryant is in the twilight of his decorated career, but there's no shortage of love for him.

Derek Jeter may be recently retired, but you just know he is still worshipped, even by people who dislike the Yankees. And let's not forget all-world soccer star Lionel Messi and auto racing stud Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

There's a lot of choices, so tell us who do you love the most?

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