We love ice cream in the summer… But milkshakes are even better, because they don't drip all over you when they melt in the heat. So, where is your favorite place to get a milkshake in New England? Here's what you told us…

Here's a list of the top five places to get the best milkshakes, based on your suggestions:

(1) Fielders Choice in Old Orchard Beach and Brunswick.
(2) The Hamburger Stand in Biddeford, Maine.
(3) Fat Boy Drive-In in Brunswick, Maine.
(4) Dairy Twirl in Lebanon, New Hampshire.
(5) Route 16 Dairy Bar in Ossipee, New Hampshire.
(6) Hodgies in Amesbury, Massachusetts.
(7) BRGR Bar in Portland, Maine. (This restaurant makes great "adult milkshakes.")

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