For a few days in July, Maine got a taste of what the Deep South feels each and every summer and for the most part, Mainers weren't fans. Beaches were overcrowded, state parks had to turn people away, and for some, there wasn't enough air conditioning to make them cool. Mother Nature and her blowtorch had their way with us. And if you were hoping that the torch wouldn't return for 2019, better close your eyes or hit the X and get out of this blog post because next week is promising a return.

One forecast model from is promising some sweltering heat mid-week, a Tuesday arrival for low-90's from the southern tip to the eastern tip of Maine. You may be spared if you're on the direct coastline with upper-80's. The blowtorch will run just a little bit hotter on Wednesday, with those low-90's turning to mid-90's in some parts of the state. Just what everyone wanted to hear after a stretch of days that felt more like a normal summer in Maine.

There is one piece of good news in all of this heat. The humidity won't be nearly as dangerous as it was the last time we dug into back-to-back 90 degree days. Instead, this likely will be a pure sunshine event and while that still presents its fair share of dangers, a humidity-less heat wave will be far more tolerable for everyone.

The blowtorch isn't done with us yet this summer Maine. Suddenly, Fall sounds so much more appealing, doesn't it?

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