This idea is so awesome for not only the children but for their parents who may now be able to feel a little more comfortable allowing their kiddos to run from house to house this Halloween.

Did you know that if you see a blue-colored pumpkin or candy pail (or teal!), it symbolizes Autism awareness in some way, shape, or form?

And while it means that whether you're in Augusta, Portland, Bangor, or any of the great Maine cities and towns, it also has this meaning across New England and the rest of the country.

Here’s Why You Should Put a Blue Pumpkin on Your Porch This Halloween

In the last few years, people around the country have started using blue pumpkins as a way to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder during Halloween and displaying them on their porches for trick-or-treaters.

When a household puts a blue pumpkin out on their porch, it serves as a sign that this home is prepared to accommodate children with autism who may not be able to articulate the words "trick-or-treat" while they're standing in your doorway.

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"Strobing lights, masks and costumes, and crowds of strangers can be a lot to process on Halloween, and some autistic children can face sensory overload while trick-or-treating.  Some autistic children may also carry blue candy buckets on Halloween, but homes with blue pumpkins make homeowners’ accommodations clear while helping to spread community awareness."


Just some food for thought, sometimes it's easy for us to forget that not every child responds to Halloween the same way. Everybody is unique, and some children may need a little extra attention when they're out ringing doorbells and asking for candy this Halloween.

And we know there are some great Maine neighborhoods that give out candy this upcoming holiday, too. So be on the lookout when you're out and about with your kids or family.

This concept makes me really happy as autism is a subject that is very close to my heart. This color-coded pumpkin is the most perfect way to signal a safe porch space without directly signaling. Not everybody knows about this color code system just yet, which is why it's important to spread the word before Halloween night hits to everybody that you can.

Please, help spread the word for this upcoming spooky season.

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