As businesses in New England slowly start to open back up, you may or may not see something called a COVID-19 surcharge fee on your receipt, according to Marie Rossiter from ABC 10. Some people have been posting pictures of their receipts from restaurants across the country on social media: Instagrammer streetsoldiers shared a photo of her receipt with the caption, "Looks like things got a bit more expensive." It appears she lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Jonna Odden was evidently upset when she posted a picture from a Mexican restaurant in Chula Vista, California with a very angry emoji face and the caption, "Someone please explain to me why there’s a tax for ordering food during a pandemic?!?!"

Is this surcharge legal? Apparently so, according to Rossiter. She writes that businesses, especially smaller ones, may add this fee "to help alleviate the financial burden placed upon them" during the coronavirus crisis. Some places are being transparent about the fee; others are not.

Let us know if you see this surcharge on your bill at a business in New England. Post a picture of your receipt on our Facebook page.

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