Moms in New England are built different.

I'm convinced if you took a New England momma and faced her off against a mom anywhere else in the world, the New England mom would come out on top.

Now, the weather is a massive factor. New England moms have faced the blizzard of 1978, hurricane Irene, the April Fool's Day storm of 1997, the ice storm of 2008, and a whole lot more in between and around those years!

And New England moms will still say something like "oh I would walk two miles to school in worse conditions."

I guess what I am getting at is that New England moms are tough.

They are brutal. They will yell at you, curse at you, put bars of soap in your mouth, or worse. Still, a New England mom will love you unconditionally. They will teach you how to be tough. And if someone has a problem with them, they'll show you how to stick up for yourself.

New England moms are the whole damn package.

If you are late for your 6am hockey game, they'll throw a shoe at you to wake up while calling you a name. And still, they'll be stopping for a cold iced Dunks on the way to your game in -10 degree weather. And at your hockey game, your New England mom will be bundled up yelling at the other team and the refs through the glass, because that is just what New England moms do.

They shoot, they hunt, they camp and hike, and New England moms teach their kids how to be independent out in the real world.

I asked the people of New England what makes a New England mom a New England mom, and the best answers are below.

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