If you live in the Windham area, be on the lookout for a runaway cow.

Anna Stopher of Windham posted on the Windham Maine Community Board Facebook page to be on the lookout for a black cow that's on the run. The cow, which appears to be named Tia, got loose from a trailer near Route 202 on Falmouth Road on Thursday of last week. As of this writing, the Facebook group has had no reports of the cow being found.

Anna Stopher via Windham Maine Community Board
Anna Stopher via Windham Maine Community Board

Personally, I'm not all that familiar with cows, other than seeing them at places like the Fryeburg Fair. Can cows be called by name and respond? I really don't know.

Regardless, let's hope that Tia is found quickly. At this point, she's been missing for four days. I'm sure she'll find plenty of places to graze on her little excursion, but we'd all like to see her back home safe and sound.

It's not uncommon for cows to get loose and start to roam and explore, and they sometimes don't want to be caught.

You might remember this incident in Michigan where a runaway cow ended up on a highway chased by police and a cowboy on horseback, in an attempt to lasso it and get it to safety.

If you're in the Windham area and you happen to spot a roaming black cow in your travels, or if you have any information on where the cow might be, you're urged to call 207-735-5556.

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