I really do love the hummingbirds. Well, all birds really. Last year, I even saved a couple of Phoebe chicks from certain death, after their nest blew off the side of the garage on a windy, stormy day. I ran them as quickly as possible down to Avian Haven in Freedom so they could be rehabbed and released into the wild.

So I know the terrible pangs of helplessness that go along with finding a little birdie that's hurt, or trapped and has no way to get out. And when you find yourself in these spots, it makes you wonder what would've happened if you hadn't come along. face it, you were the divine intervention, if you will, for that little bird.

As I was cruising Facebook the other day, as I often do, I came across this video on the Maine Wildlife page. Daniel Closson was working on lobster traps in his shop, when he came across a little hummer that had gotten itself stuck in a crack between two boards, and was just hanging there by it's little beak.

It's at that point Daniel reaches up and ever-so-gently takes the hummingbird in his hand, and removes the little winger from it's trap. Then he simply walks over to the door and holds his hand out, and it just flies away, lickity split. Hummers are surprisingly unafraid of people. I've seen plenty of videos of people feeding them by hand.

It's funny, the first time I watched the video, it gave me the same little pang of helplessness. Obviously, there's nothing I could do from my couch to help a bird in a 4-day old video at that point, haha. But I was just super glad someone was there to save the poor little hummer from it's untimely demise.

Big thanks to Daniel Closson for being awesome, and forever a friend of hummingbirds.

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