It's pretty well known that Hollywood stars John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston bring their family to Maine in the summertime. They have a vacation home in Islesboro.

Have you ever seen it? Well, neither have we until today.

We stumbled upon a post in the Facebook news feed from our friends at Everything Maine of a video from John himself that originated on his official Facebook page.

It starts with an aerial view of his estate apparently taken from one of his planes. Then, we get a closer look of the beautiful house from a ride in on the golf cart driven by Travolta's son.

In the video, the unmistakable voice of John (we don't see him as he is behind the camera) mentions "Here we are on Father's Day." His son also comments that "It's really cold." Yessuh, no question that they are in Maine in early June.

It's so cool that John Travolta shared something generally kept private by most celebrities. Thanks for letting us take a peek at your gorgeous Maine retreat.

I'll never forget seeing John Travolta in the stage production of Bus Stop at Lakewood Theater in Madison back in 1976. The show also starred Anita Gillette with supporting actors Brian Dennehy and John's sister Ellen Travolta.

Makes me wonder if that was the first summer that the superstar fell in love with Vacationland?

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