Scrolling through social media is always a gamble.

Your feed is always full of random things that could get you angry and all riled up, maybe make you sad, or get you excited and happy, you never really know what you’re going to stumble upon.

That very gamble is what makes the light-hearted, cute, fun posts even more enjoyable; it’s a sigh of relief to see a funny meme or cute animal instead of a political post or disheartening news story.

That’s what makes this video posted by Marine Mammals of Maine extra special; it’s just a cute, wholesome refresher on your page to make you feel good.

Young Seal Rescued by Marine Mammals of Maine

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office of Maine recently posted on Facebook sharing that a seal was found too close to the road in Harpswell, alarming a deputy that it might get itself hurt if it tries to cross.

The seal was rescued by Marine Mammals of Maine and checked over for health and safety before getting released back into the ocean.

The video is so precious watching it crawl over the ice and snow making its little noises.

As the post shares, the green mark is a temporary non-toxic marking just to be able to know if the same seal pops back up or not so they can monitor its safety and moves.

Living in Maine, we’re used to seeing deer on the side of the road and sometimes even moose but seeing a seal on the side of a busy street is quite a unique experience and I guess something we should look out for.

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