Up until today, I've kept my feelings quiet about the senseless and horrific death of George Floyd. I wasn't even sure I had a voice in the matter. What could I possibly say that would make a difference? And, the last thing I want to be is an attention seeking, privileged public figure, like certain celebrities from way back, who are giving their two cents in an effort to be relevant again.

I also do not want to hijack the "Black Lives Matter" movement by talking about the discrimination I have dealt with my entire life, as a half Asian woman. Nothing that I have endured can compare to the way black people are mistreated by law enforcement. Just today, I read something from a man who stated that he did not want to be called a "person of color," because it takes away from the black experience. That is the last thing I want to do. Besides, I have never liked the expression, either.

Today, I wanted to attend a "Black Lives Matter" event on Commercial Street in downtown Portland, so that I could see for myself what the movement is about. Here's what I witnessed: Hundreds of people showed up to peacefully protest the killing of George Floyd by a police officer. There was a huge police presence as well; however, everyone that I saw was respectful toward each other. It was eye-opening to see people of all nationalities, ages, and from all walks of life coming together for one cause. And, seeing them lay on the ground for a staged "die-in" was very powerful. Here is the video that I shot:

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