Our community is full of motivational people, people that you meet that have this blinding bright light behind their eyes that sparks kindness and is so evident, you feel the warmth of their spirit when you're with them. Someone that can force you to look at the harsh truths of society and make you believe that compassionate resolution is possible.

Shukri via Facebook

She is currently a senior at the University of Maine, Farmington, and is a double major in International Global Studies and Anthropology.

I had the pleasure of speaking to her recently to see what she was working on and she blew my mind.

Shukri Abdirahman has been a catalyst and agent of growth who freely serves in the Androscoggin area.


Shukri via Facebook
Shukri via Facebook

She organized the Black Lives Matter protest in Lewiston and admits that she was very apprehensive and a bit timid because she had never organized a protest before and was unsure of what to do. So she reached out to other activists and members of the community who had voiced their opinions, standing up for justice and she asked them for advice.

Shukri via Facebook
 The advice she got obviously worked because as someone that was at the BLM peaceful protest myself, I was able to witness greatness within her and a blaze that sparked a movement within our community as she spoke to the crowd before they marched.

Shukri is currently working on assisting refugees to find employment and help them to understand the American workforce. Additionally, she raises awareness and helps to get the community talking about taboo topics and ways the community can move forward with a better understanding of everything and each other.

She encourages those around her to think about humanity and raises awareness for the neverending fight for equality. She has an undying hunger for equality and love amongst all humans.

I believe I’m an activist because I refuse to accept systems that oppress me and others. I believe in a collective community. I believe if we all work together change is beyond possible.

Shukri Abdirahman

She also assists in raising awareness to try to encourage the community to connect and chat about taboo topics and all the ways we can move forward as friends and neighbors.

Uncomfortable conversations about opinions and beliefs need to happen because we can no longer focus on the negative. We need to take Shukri's lead and continue to listen to others and also share our personal lives so that we can all understand each other better.

No matter if we come to an agreement or not, continuing a peaceful conversation amongst one another will create more compassion within our cities and the world. It only takes one.

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