In sprit of Valentine's Day, this week on the show we had listeners call in and share the unique ways that they met their significant other, their "meet cute" if you will. We heard everything from folks meeting their person in line at the DMV to at a church BBQ! I am a big fan of love, so I could listen to these stories all day long.

I also love hearing tales about unique proposals. My husband Steven proposed to me live on the radio. I'm a little biased, but I thought it was pretty awesome. The embarrassing part was that I didn't recognize his voice, and for a few seconds was totally confused/terrified that a random listener was proposing to me. Steven eventually came walking through the studio door with a ring, and that cleared things up for me.

Attitash Ski Resort was feeling the love this week, too, because they shared a video of these two cuties getting engaged on the slopes back in December! Their names are Collette Gould and Spencer Martin. A casual day of shredding powder quickly turned into a monumental moment neither of them will forget.

Can you believe it is lightly snowing in the background to make this already perfect video that much more perfect? Her little laugh and dance are so adorable. She looks absolutely elated.

Do you know anyone who got engaged in an adorable or unique way? Shoot us a message on WOKQ on Facebook and tell us the story!

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