Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

I’ve already filled you in on this epic train but here’s a quick recap.

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is a spectacular 1,000-foot train completely lit up by stellar LED lights for the holidays, moving across the country and even into Canada.

Well, duh, given the name.

This year in 2022, the holiday train came to Maine for the very first time ever with stops in Jackman, Brownville Junction, and Hermon, which happened on Nov. 23.

Not only does this train spread holiday cheer and magic but the whole point of it is to raise money, food, and awareness for local food banks across the U.S. and Canada. So it’s freaking sick to look at but it’s also for an incredible purpose.

CP Holiday Train Stops in Maine

Since it was the first time the train ever came to Maine and it was far from the Greater Portland area, there’s a chance you may have missed it. Just in case, I’ve pulled together videos of the holiday train cruising through the Pine Tree State and even some videos that show the show it puts on at its stops.

This first video shows it’s stop in Hermon, Maine, and you can tell that they had a good turn out of visitors. The moving lights are too cool and it’s like the holiday light shows you drive through but this one comes to you.

As you can see, one of the carts turns into a stage with music performers which is epic. Throughout its journey, it puts on 168 free shows!

Now we see the train moving from Greenville to Hudson. Hearing the whistle is exciting even just watching it online. What really stood out to me on this one is that they have SNOW! That makes it even more magical.

Now we’re in Bangor and you can hear everyone cheering as the train approaches. You can just hear and feel the excitement and holiday cheer this train brings!

The holiday train made a stop in Hermon, which means they stopped and put on a magical show. Using a train cart as a stage is really cool and such an incredible way to put on a holiday concert.

It looks amazing as it crosses over the bridge; just imagine being one of those cars and not knowing what was going on.

This video shows footage of the train moving from Jackman to Hermon will cool shots of the train during the daylight. If you didn’t know this existed and you happened to drive by it, that would be a special treat.

Here are some other great photos of the train in motion:

Check Out The Epic 1,000-Foot Holiday Train Covered in Mesmerizing LED Lights

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is back on the rails!

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