It's a muggy late spring evening and you're sitting on the couch with the fan on about to start your third episode of Lost after a full day of fresh air and sunshine. The sweet tooth cravings sneak up on you and suddenly all you can think about is ice cream. Cool, creamy, delicious ice cream. Acquiring ice cream would mean peeling yourself off the leather couch to drive to the corner store and face the same boring pints covered with frost in the back of the freezer.

That is, until Rosanna's Ice Cream pops onto your Facebook feed to change everything you've ever known about satisfying ice cream cravings.

Rosanna's Ice Cream is an ice cream delivery service. Yeah, ICE CREAM DELIVERY. All you have to do is check the nightly flavors on Facebook, send a text to Rosanna at (207) 450-3259, and soon you'll be floating into creamy bliss. What a time to be alive.

I tried out the ice cream delivery service for myself last night. I got a little over excited during my text conversation with Rosanna.

I couldn't get down the stairs fast enough when my doorbell rang just 17 minutes later. I practically threw my credit card in her face as she handed me my brown paper bag of ice cream with a cheery smile. Queen

I was super stoked to see that my surprise flavor was Salted Caramel Almond. I'm totally onboard with all things salted caramel. Now the only challenge was deciding which to dive into first. Queen

LOL JK. My boyfriend and I tackled both flavors at the same time, trading pints back and forth until we had determined our favorite flavor. Spoiler Alert: We couldn't pick a favorite. They're both too good. Queen

Rosanna's Ice Cream is rich but not overwhelmingly sweet. It is among the creamiest of ice creams I've ever had the pleasure of shoveling into my mouth. I can't stop thinking about the gorgeous purple blueberry ice cream and perfectly salted caramel swirls waiting in my freezer for round two.

Rosanna's Ice Cream is based in Woodfords Corner in Portland and delivers to all of Portland and South Portland between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. most nights. Flavors are made with high quality ingredients in micro batches so they're always changing. If you have an idea for a custom flavor, Rosanna can whip it up for you with 48 hours notice. Now my creative juices are flowing...

Text Rosanna's Ice Cream for your next nighttime sweet tooth craving. This is what living is all about.