Can you help find a foster home for these two dogs?

My Facebook friend Hope is trying to find a temporary home for these two sweet and well-mannered Dalmatians. Callie and Buttons belong to a friend of hers who is homeless and lives in her car with the two dogs in southern Maine. With her health declining and winter's arrival, the woman's caseworker is trying to get her into a home that will not accept pets. Hope says:

They are her life and she is theirs. Giving them up is not an option.

Callie and Buttons are both super sweet, according to Hope's Facebook post. Buttons is deaf and a little more low key. She does enjoy a good toy though. Callie's favorite past times are a good tug toy and tennis balls.

Hope and her friend need a temporary place for the fur babies that does not have other dog or small kids. Can you provide a loving home for two pets who desperately need your help? Or, do know someone else who can? If so, please get in touch with Hope via Facebook.

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