Ever heard of a chalkboard pumpkin? Neither had I but now that I have I want to try it this Halloween! Take a look... 


This might be fun to do with the kids and a nice unique twist to your average Jack-O-Lantern. It's a pumpkin covered in chalkboard spray allowing you to write and erase on it whenever you want. I also saw a cool idea I think I may do to honor my Grandmother who is 98 and a breast cancer survivor. Breast Cancer awareness pumpkins for October. Each is unique with one common theme, it's pink. You can create your own to proudly place on your doorstep to spread the word.


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You tube


Here's a coupon for "Michael's" they have a ton of great things to dress up your pumpkin and why not try out the chalkboard idea with the kids while you're at it.






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