If you've ever watched popular shows like 'The Walking Dead' and thought, "I could totally survive a zombie apocalypse with my friends", now's your chance to shine. A South Carolina-based company is offering an app-based scavenger hunt through Portland that's a one-hour race to see how cunning and clever you are.

Rich Legg

The company is called Zombie Scavengers, and their zombie apocalypse survival test is an open world concept designed for a team of up to 10 people. You'll have a "guide" on your quest, which will take you to various points in Portland (within walking distance of where you launch the game) as you attempt to collect supplies to enhance your chances of survival. There will be challenges along the way, some may include you splitting your group, with the ultimate goal of being as quick and successful as possible for the highest rating. You'll only have an hour, which means teamwork and problem solving will be essential.

The good news about this game is that there are no actual real zombies. It can be family friendly or used as an outing for friends or a team building experience. Tickets are required as well as smartphones for the app experience. Zombie scavenger hunts through Portland are available Wednesday through Sunday from 11am until 5pm.

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