Does your kid have what it takes to compete in a Triathlon? Here's your chance to find out! Check out South Portland's first annual Tri Like A Savage, a swim, bike, and run event for kids in grades 3-8. It's happening Saturday, August 17th at the South Portland Community Center and High School. Registration is only $5 for SoPo residents, $25 for non-residents. For kids in grades 3-5, the swim is fifty meters, the bike is one mile, and the run is a half mile. For kids in grades 6-8, the swim is one hundred meters, the bike is 2.3 miles, and the run is one mile.

This sounds challenging, and fun! I think I'll be talking to my girls about this triathlon, to see if they are interested. I think they would be so proud to be able to say that they did one!

For more information, check out the South Portland Community Center's website here.


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