This picture of a NH Barred Owl 'who' appears to be staring directly at the full moon is 100% real. My nephew Connor took the photo just last night in Rochester, NH.

Photo Credit - Connor Lapierre

This young 'Barred Owl' was just hanging out on the power lines in the neighborhood of Ledgeview Drive in Gonic last night.

There's a lot to unpack here and many different aspects to appreciate the more you look at it.

The only thing preventing this from being an all-time photo for Halloween is that the maple leaves in the background are clearly in mid-summer form. Other than that, it would probably be on the Audubon calendar for October of 2022.

From a musical perspective, if you eliminate the very top wire, the moon seems perfectly positioned as a whole note of 'C' while the owl is perched on 'F', these two even put forth a nice harmony on the piano keyboard!

Of course, within seconds, the ever aware predator noticed that he was being watched and quickly moved to a more defensive posture and direct viewpoint.

Photo Credit - Connor Lapierre

The population of 'Barred Owls' has skyrocketed here in New Hampshire over the past few years.

I remember catching a fleeting glimpse of one when I was in grade school and that was my only sighting until two years ago.

Now, they're almost as common as hawks. In fact, a lot of times you may mistake a smaller owl such as this as being a hawk. So keep on the lookout!

You never know 'WHO' you might see!

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