I remember being a kid and always being obsessed with digging holes. Mainly in my grandparents' yard, though -- their grass was usually always fried, plus they had a huge dirt pit/pile area that my cousins and I would play in anyway. Besides, if I would've dug holes in my own yard, I'd STILL be grounded to this day since my Dad would've been THAT heated. (He was a man that took pride in his plant and flower bed type deals -- doesn't know a thing about landscaping, though -- sorry, Dad.)

Anyway, I went on that hole-digging tangent because I always hoped to find some kind of treasure. The only thing I ever found was worms -- and occasionally since tannish dirt (which might've just been sand, now that I think about it) that I used to call "gold dirt" to make myself feel better since I never found a thing.

That's the complete opposite of what a woman in Plymouth, Mass, found in her backyard, though. She FOUND the treasure, and I couldn't be more jealous.

Carrie Hadaway told 7News Boston that she was digging a hole in her backyard, and she felt metal on metal when she went into the ground with the shovel, and got confused. After digging a little more, she said she found some object with a handle on the side, and when she "legit pulled it out of the ground, [I] was like, 'yeaaah!'" (Honestly, I can't stop laughing at picturing/imagining what she looked and sounded like pulling it out and going "yeaaah!" I wish there was video proof of it happening.)

She told 7News Boston that local researchers think it's a 19th century fencing sword, and a local blacksmith made it about 150 years ago. She's actually found more, too, after the sword -- a couple of arrowheads, fossils, and stone tools. She's hoping to display it all in a local museum.

GIRL -- START YOUR OWN MUSEUM! You're clearly living on top of a gold mine! (But seriously, that's SO cool to find -- now excuse me while I go find some land to dig some holes on and become a millionaire.)

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