C+R Research released a report last month called "The State of Craft Beer". It revealed that the state of Vermont isn't just good for sharp cheddar and beautiful snow covered mountains, it is also the craft beer capital of America! Apparently, there are 11.5 craft breweries for every 100,000 (21+) adults in Vermont which is the most of any state.

Maine and New Hampshire also came in high in the report. Maine, at No. 3 and New Hampshire, at No. 9. Because Massachusetts ranked in the top 25  it was labeled among the “craft beer enthusiast states.”

In New England we deal with freezing cold, harsh Winters so we deserve to have delicious craft beer to warm our bones.

If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or simply want to broaden your beer horizons, you should check out our upcoming event Portland on Tap!

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